As a part of the 72nd Republic Day celebrations, the team organised an event with fun games on the Constitution of India at Church Street, Bengaluru on 23 January 2021. The event was organised in collaboration with the Clean Air Initiative by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), Bengaluru. 


The event had four main components and each component carried with it a fixed number of points. Based on the points a participant accumulates, the participant was awarded prizes. The prizes included constitutional education material in the form of bookmarks, postcards and stickers.   


Participants approached our booth with curiosity and were keen to take part in these games. While some participated with their friends and family as a single team, some chose to compete against their friends.  

The first component required participants to identify our constitution framers based on a photograph of the person. Many participants enthusiastically identified our framers without any hints or without any formal introductions.  

The second component required participants to listen to an audio clipping and identify the event or people involved in the same. The audio clippings made some participants more curious about the events and they enquired about the constitution making process.  

The third component required participants to solve a jigsaw puzzle of the Preamble to the Constitution within the prescribed time. Recollecting their lessons from school, participants were eager to solve the puzzle and refused to give up.  

The fourth component required participants to unscramble words based on clues provided. The second question in this component elicited questions and interest in the event denoted by the scrambled words.  

We frequently engage with students through our Indian Constitution in the Classroom initiative. We hope to organize more such events to engage with a larger audience and will keep you updated on the same.  

The games and answer key to the same is available below. Have fun learning and engaging with our Constitution and its history. 



Questions [PDF]

Answer Key [PDF]

Audio 1 

Audio 2

Jigsaw Puzzle [PNG]