Dr. Kailash Nath Katju was an eminent advocate, politician, and constituent assembly member.

During his childhood, Katju aspired to study medicine. However, his accidental meeting with Dr. Gooroodas Banerjee, a well-known lawyer, influenced Katju to take up law. He topped the High Court Vakil Examination and went on to pursue LLB and LLD. After having started his legal career in Kanpur, he shifted to Allahabad bar along with distinguished advocates like Pandit Moti Lal Nehru, Durga Charan Banerjee, and Satish Chandra Banerjee. Katju went on to become a renowned advocate and the highlight of his career was his role as a defense lawyer in the Meerut Conspiracy case and Indian National Army trial.

Markandeya Katju, a former judge of the Supreme Court and Katju’s grandson, narrates some interesting anecdotes which bring to light his grandfather’s personality. A judge of the Allahabad High Court, during his student years, approached Katju for a scholarship. Katju agreed to pay all costs including fees, boarding expenses but asked the judge to start a scholarship at a later point in life to help poor students.

Katju served as the Governor of Orissa during 1947-48. Justice Ranganath Mishra, the former Chief Justice of India, lived next to the Raj Bhavan when Katju was in residence there. Katju visited Justice Mishra’s house uninvited, during Mishra's marriage, to give his blessing to the married couple.

In the Constituent Assembly, Katju was on the Ad Hoc Committee on Citizenship.

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