Kallur Subba Rao died 45 years ago on 20th December 1972.  He was a Constituent Assembly Member from Madras Province. He was twice elected to the Madras Assembly and went on to become Deputy Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

Subba Rao joined the Indian National Congress in 1919. During his school days, his interactions with Annie Beasnat, Mahatma Gandhi and Ali Brother shaped his political thoughts and motivations. A gifted orator, he instilled nationalism in Rayalaseema through his speeches, during India’s struggle for independence.

An avowed Gandhian, he responded to Gandhi’s call to participate in India’s freedom movement. He joined the Indian National Congress in his early twenties and went on to become the President of Anantapuram Distrtict Congress Committee. He became a prominent leader in Rayalaseema.When Gandhi visited Anantpur on 3rd January 1934, Subba Rao accompanied him in an effort to further the Harijan movement.

Padmasri Kalluri Subbarao (he was awarded the Padma Shri in 1967), was popularly known as Abhinava Andhrabhoja for his renowned contribution to art and literature. He made a significant contribution to the existence of LalithaKala Parishada, Anantapur , offering land for the construction of this cultural centre. This land had been gifted to him by the Government of India, in recognition of his contributions to the freedom movement.In 2016 the Andhra Pradesh Government recognized his efforts to promote the arts in promoting the arts in general, and in preserving the Lepakshi temple near Anantapur, by naming the Archaeological Museum in Anantapur the PadmasreeKalluriSubba Rao Archaeological Museum.

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