Stanley Henry Prater also known as S.H. Prater was the representative of the Anglo-Indian community in the Constituent Assembly. He was a British Naturalist who born on 12thMarch 1890. He developed an interest in natural history with his frequent visits to Western Ghats during his school days. 

Prater was known for his affiliation with the Bombay Natural History Society (‘BNHS’) and Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, Bombay. He joined the BNHS in 1907 and later became the curator of the BNHS and Prince of Wales Museum of Western India in 1923. He held the position for 25 years and also travelled to Great Britain to train in Modern Taxidermy. 

During his tenure of 25 years, he also became the executive editor of the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. His notable contribution towards the Journal received International attention with the series of “Wildlife Preservation in India” which appeared in the Journal in 1935. He even authored a book titled “Indian Animals” published in 1948. 

Prater’s political journey begun from 1903. He was the President of the Anglo-Indian Community and Domiciled European Association. In the early deliberations of the Constituent Assembly, he represented the members of the Anglo-Indian Community. After his association with the Constituent Assembly in 1948, he along with his family members emigrated to Great Britain where he breath his last in London on 12th October 1960.

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