Jaipat S. Jain is an Attorney at Law and Partner at a New York based law firm - Lazare Potter Giacovas & Moyle LLP. His testimonial about our website is:

"I am delighted to come across the site and find the treasures that I did.  As someone living in New York City, I do not have ready access to the Constituent Assembly debates.  Every time I visit India, I hope to bring the complete print set.  Now, I do not have to.  What’s more, I can do a search and get the answers – something that would probably have been difficult with hard copy volumes.  Thank you for this excellent initiative!  India’s Constitution has become unwieldy, like its bureaucracy!  Any effort to understand or simplify it ought to take into account its British origin and the drafting work done by British-trained civil servants.   Unsurprisingly, it is a mix of the spirit of freedom and serfdom.  By making the Constituent Assembly debates online, you have advanced the cause of research and scholarship.  Thank you!"