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Curriculum: NCERT                                                    Word Puzzle  (PDF)

Grade:  6                                                                     Educator’s Note (PDF)

Subject: Social Studies                                               Answer Key (PDF)

Textbook: Social and Political Life - 1

Unit: Diversity

Chapter: Understanding Diversity, Diversity and Discrimination

Level of difficulty: Easy

On 9th December 1946, the Constituent Assembly of India met for the first time in the Constitution Hall now popularly referred to as Central Hall of Parliament House to begin drafting the Constitution. 207 members were present who signed the register and submitted their credentials. As of December 1947, the Assembly had 299 members; of these 15 were women.

The women in the Assembly came from diverse backgrounds carrying unique experiences. They were suffragettes, freedom fighters, educationists, writers, social reformers and women rights activists.

This word puzzle hides names of 5 women Constituent Assembly Members. Can you find them?