Curriculum: NCERT                                                    

Grade:  9                                                                     

Subject: Social Studies

Textbook: Democratic Politics

Chapter(s): Electoral Politics, Working of Institutions

Level of difficulty: Easy

The President of India is the Constitutional head of the republic. While the office of the President is titular and mostly symbolic, they have critical power under the Constitution.

The office of the President has a strong constitutional and political past. But it is not one without controversies. The issues including mode of election of President to use/misuse of President’s powers and imposition of President's rule still find its place in contemporary discourse.

This quiz reveals many interesting facets that surround the constitutional and political journey of the President’s office. Did you know that a Constituent Assembly Member strongly argued for electing the President through Adult Franchise? How was the first Presidential elections conducted? Which President has awarded the most death penalty commutations?

Take this quiz and find out!