Description:                                       Resources:

Curriculum: NCERT                                                   Activity Poster (PDF)

Grade:  10                                                                  Link Language: Hindi or Hindustani (Film)                                                           

Subject: Social Studies

Textbook: Democratic Politics

Unit: I

Chapter: Federalism

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Note to educators: Screen the Episode 7 - Link Language: Hindi or Hindustani of ‘Samvidhaan’. Use the prompts in the Activity Poster to conduct an interactive discussion.

The Democratic Politics book of grade 10 NCERT textbook has a chapter on Federalism. It deals with power-sharing relationship between centre and the state, constitutional mandate of federalism, local governance and language policy.

This exercise supplements the Federalism chapter and provides for an opportunity for students to engage in depth in the language Debates in Indian Constitutional History.