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Curriculum: NCERT                                                         Slides (PPT)

Grade(s): 9                                                                       CADIndia (site link)

Subject: Social Studies                                                 

Textbook: Social and Political Life – 1                           

Unit: Democratic Politics                                               

Level of difficulty: Easy

The Fundamental Rights are often described as the backbone of the Constitution of India, 1950. The Executive is ordinarily prohibited from making laws or passing orders which violate these rights, except in certain circumstances where permitted by the Constitution.

By understanding the fundamental rights, we gain a wider understanding of our rights as citizens, the responsibilities that the State has towards us, and the special protections to attain equity for marginalized communities.

This slideshow contains mixed-format quiz questions with the answers on separate slides along with supplemental information about the relevant Article.  Look out for highlighted words or phrases on the answer slides – you can look these up online and broaden your knowledge of the Fundamental Rights!

Using the resources available on the CADIndia site, can you answer the questions in this quiz?