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Curriculum: BCI (law courses in India);                                             Worksheet (PDF)

                     VTU (engineering courses in Karnataka)                       CADIndia (website link)

Grade(s): Undergraduate classes                                                         

Subject(s):  Constitutional Law (BCI); Constitution of India, Professional Ethics and Human Rights (VTU)

Chapter(s): Preamble and Salient features of the Constitution of India.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

The Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946 set up the Constituent Assembly to write a Constitution for India. One of the first tasks of the Assembly was to outline the objectives and guidelines that would be the framework for constitution making. Nehru took this task upon himself and presented the ‘Objectives Resolution’ four days after Assembly’s first session. This Resolution laid out the aspirations and ideals of the new nation and framed ‘fundamentals accepted by everyone’ which are ‘essential features of a new state’. While most of the Members were in support of the Resolution, there were some voices which raised concerns about its content.

What did the framers say during the debate on the Objectives Resolution?

This exercise supplements the constitutional law syllabus under BCI and VTU. Solve it using the CADIndia website.