1. To engage with the Constituent Assembly Debates on the Uniform Civil Code, we must first identify the date(s) on which the Constituent Assembly debated it. Find out the date(s) and note them down.

2. Which members of the Constituent Assembly took part in the debate around the Uniform Civil Code? Write the names of any two members, find out their backgrounds, and note down onea rgument that they made? Did most members involved in the debate belong to a particular community?

3. Was there any mention of Uniform Civil Code before the formal constitution-making process in India? What about ‘marriage’?

4. a) In what way did Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar invoke the example of Europe in order to justify India adopting the Uniform Civil Code? Do you think this invocation was appropriate and useful?b) Read his entire speech and note down important points in his arguments? What is your opinion on the quality of debate up to this point in the worksheet?

5. During the debate, Hussain Imam argued that adopting a Uniform Civil Code for a vast country like India was inappropriate. How did Ambedkar respond to Hussain Imam’s argument? Read Ambedkar’s entire speech. Was the Assembly convinced by his arguments –how can we discern this? Are you convinced by Ambedkar’s arguments?