The Drafting Committee in the Constituent Assembly produced a draft Constitution which the Assembly debated, amended and adopted. However during the debates relating to the setting up of the Drafting Committee, some members believed that B. N. Rau, constitutional adviser, should be entrusted with this task.

On 29th August 1947 the Assembly debated the topic of appointing a Drafting Committee. Satyanarayan Sinha introduced a motion with a list of proposed members to the committee. This triggered responses regarding the merits of setting up a Drafting Committee.  

A. P. Pattani argued that B. N. Rau is an expert adviser who should be entrusted with the drafting the Constitution. He noted:

Mr. President, I wish to submit that the Motion that is being placed should be shortened and it might be just said that this Committee be appointed to assist the Constitutional Advisor in drafting the Constitution. I wonder whether it is necessary to entrust the task of drafting the constitution to a large Committee. It would be much better if the Constitutional Adviser who is the one experienced adviser is given the work, because all the details are only known to him.

R. K. Sidhwa concurred with A. P. Pattani. He disagreed with having a fully fledged Committee responsible for the drafting of the Constitution: he proposed a small committee of Assembly Members who would assist Rau.

Their proposal was unsuccessful. The Assembly appointed the Drafting Committee to:

scrutinise the draft of the text of the Constitution of India prepared by the Constitutional Adviser giving effect to the decisions taken already in the Assembly and including all matters which are ancillary thereto or which have to be provided in such a Constitution, and to submit to the Assembly for consideration the text of the draft Constitution as revised by the Committee.


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