We conducted an Indian Constitutional history workshop at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi on 29th August 2018. Around 30 students participated in it which focussed on “Exploring Freedom of Speech”.

Vineeth Krishna took the students through to the constitutional history materials of India: Constituent Assembly Debates and Historical Constitutions. He pointed out how they are crucial in examining the contemporary legal, political and social issues.

The next segment highlighted the existing problems of access and engagement with Constituent Assembly Debates and other history materials: CLPR’s website CADIndia overcomes these issues and proves as a valuable research and educational tool.

The students solved the worksheet on “Exploring Freedom of Speech in Indian Constitutional History”.  The questions enabled the students to explore CADIndia website and its varied sophisticated search functions.

The worksheet was carefully designed to allow the students engage deeply with the topic of freedom of speech. First, the students identified the dates of CAD on which the members debated this topic. Second, they had to identify biographical details of the members who participated in the deliberations. Thereafter they closely analysed the arguments made and answered a set of questions. The students made contemporary references and assessed the arguments made by the Assembly members against it.

Workshop ended on the note that current issues must be analysed through historical perspectives. The vast Indian Constitutional legacy must not remain unexplored, instead be a part of everyday discourse.