The National Constitution Society (NCS) is a network of Constitution societies in colleges/universities across India that aims to create and sustain a vibrant constitutional culture in India.

The Centre for Law & Policy Research (CLPR) laid down the foundation for the NCS on 23rd November 2018 through the First National Constitution Society Convention. This one-day event brought together Student Delegates, from academic institutions across the country, with academics, lawyers and civil society leaders. It presented Student Delegates with the opportunity to critically engage with the history and contemporary relevance of the Indian Constitution and develop a plan to preserve, protect and promote constitutional values in the 21st century. Towards the end of the Convention, in its Plenary Session, the delegates elected the first Student Board Members for the NCS.


With CLPR's support, the NCS in the past two years, has conducted several events including student debates, discussions, reading sessions and film screenings. Through these events, it has brought together hundreds of students across the country to deeply engage with the Indian Constitution and its history.

If your college/university/school/institution/club/society/group would like to join this society or you need information, please write to

Here is a list of the NCS events, arranged in reverse chronological order:


Prisoners & the Pandemic: Health, Safety & the Constitution

Supreme Court in the Classroom Series #1 [NLU Assam] 

RBG - Film Screening and Discussion [Christ University]

Boundaries, Nationalities and Identities

Discussing Citizenship [Christ University]                                        

NLS Lecture Series: Understanding Rojer Mathew Judgement [NLSIU]


Events around the International Women’s Day [ULC]

Does India Need a National Language [Bangalore Chapter]

Thinking Sedition, Thinking Freedom [AMU Chapter]

Justice Chandrachud w/ Jayna Kothari on the Constitution

NLSIU Lecture Series #1

How Much Freedom is Too Much Freedom? [Delhi Chapter]

Workshop on Constitutional History and Freedom of Speech