The University Law College Chapter of the National Constitution Society (ULC-NCS) conducted a series of events between 11th and 14th March, 2019 in the context of the International Women’s Day.

On 11th March, ULC-NCS organized a film screening and discussion on the ‘The Invisible War’ – directed by Kirby Dick. It was a ground breaking investigative film that brought into light sexual assault faced by women within the U.S military. The students gained insights into the level of sexual violence faced by women in the military and the institutional response to it. They felt that there was organizational reluctance to address this issue. Some students argued for building robust women friendly redressal mechanism and undertaking efforts to provide gender sensitization and awareness around women’s rights within the military.

Two days later, on 13th March, ULC-NCS organized a talk by Babita, Gautham and Satish Gowda, faculty members of the University Law College. The speakers traced the evolution of women’s rights movement in India and its challenges. They set the tone for the students to take the conversation forward – the students’ discussion centered on ways to tackle sexism and strengthening women’s rights, specifically in academic spaces. This was followed by an informative session on the contribution of women Constituent Assembly members. The ULC-NCS members highlighted the role of Annie Mascarene, Renuka Ray, Vijayalakshmi Pundit, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur and Hansa Jivraj Mehta in the framing of the Indian Constitution.


On 14th March, ULC-NCS organized a session on Feminism and Inclusivity. The event started with the students watching “Feminism for All” – a TedxTalk by Kamla Bhasin. Thereafter, the students discussed ways to make feminism work in everyday life and the role of men in the women’s rights movement.