The issue of temple entry has been a burning issue in public discourse for the past few months in the light of the recent Sabarimala Temple Entry Case. In the Constituent Assembly, temple entry was largely invoked in the debates around Draft Article 17 ( Article 25 (2) (b) Constitution of India, 1950). This sub-clause allowed the state to make laws that throw open “Hindu religious institutions of a public character to all classes and sections of Hindus”.

The debates around temple entry were hyphenated with untouchability and law. The discussion centred on the impact of the already existing temple entry laws to abolish untouchability and utility of law in achieving social reform.

While Durgabai believed that the existing temple entry laws were well equipped to make temples accessible to all Hindus, Khandekar was sceptical of its success. He was unsure if laws could bring social transformation and root out untouchability.