receives a number of testimonials from users of our website and its resources. Some of these testimonials are collected here:


Shiva Jolad  (Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar):

"The CADIndia website by CLPR has beautifully curated the rich history and process of the making of India's constitution. They have organized the constituent assembly debates into 12 volumes and made it is searchable by keywords. The website is a valuable source, both for the novice reader and a serious student of political science, law, public policy or history interested in India's constitution. I think school textbook committees in India should take a cue from CADIndia website on how to narrate the story of the making of India's constitution."


Nishant Gokhale (LLM candidate from Harvard Law School):

"CLPR's database on the Constituent Assembly Debates is a refreshingly new take on this invaluable source of material for researchers and those keen on knowing more about the Indian constitution. The database is elegant and easy to use and walks you through the significant but messy process of constitution making in India.

The database, which  I am told, is a work in progress, identifies some important members of the constituent assembly and has links to a brief background of where they came from and their role in various committees in the constituent assembly.  This is significant since their positions on various issues are often dictated by their personal experiences and regional affiliations.  The database's collection of historical constitutions and references to other important documents are important tools for researchers. The short write-ups on its blog on "This Week in...." provide a slice of important constitutional issues debated which have gone on to shape the notion of Indian constitutional values.

I found it to be useful in my research tribal areas and the Vth and VIth Schedule of the Constitution for my LL.M. paper. I wish CLPR's project the very best in developing this useful resource further."