Image Credits: The Leaflet
Kazi Syed Karimuddin

Early Life:

Kazi Syed Karimuddin was born on 19 July 1899 in Yavatmal, Maharashtra. He obtained a law degree from Aligarh Muslim University and became a notable litigator.


Contribution to Constitution Making:

Karimuddin was elected to the Constituent Assembly from the Central Provinces through a Muslim League ticket. In the Assembly, he made interventions on important issues related to privacy, emergency provisions and proportional representation.


Later Contributions:

Karimuddin was a Member of the Rajya Sabha (1954-1958).

He was not a part of any Assembly committee.

Karimuddin moved an amendment with aim of protecting Indians from unreasonable searches and seizures. 


He criticized the emergency provisions which he feared could be misused and lead to anarchy and despotism.


He was an ardent supporter of proportional representation