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Kuladhar Chaliha
1887 - 1963

Early Life:  

Kuladhar Chaliha was born on 20 September 1887 in Lakhimpur district of Assam. He studied at Cotton College, Guwahati as well as Presidency College, Calcutta.  


Role in Indian Independence Movement:  

Chaliha occupied key posts in the Indian National Congress and State and Central legislatures. He was the first President of Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (1920) and a member of the All-India Congress Committee (1921 - 44). His legislative career included memberships of the Assam Council and the Central Legislative Assembly (1936-46). Like many of his Congress Party colleagues, Chaliha was imprisoned for his involvement in the Indian freedom movement.  


Contribution to Constitution Making:  

Chaliha was elected to the Constituent Assembly from Assam on a Congress Party ticket. His interventions in the Assembly mostly revolved around the administration of tribal areas.  


Contributions Post-Independence:  

Soon after the independence, Chaliha became the Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly (1952-1957).  


He passed away on 19 January 1963. 


The Government of India issued a postage stamp in 1988 on the occasion of his birth centenary. 


Chaliha was not a member of any Assembly committee. 

  • Chaliha believed that the Sixth Schedule would create more rift between tribal communities and the rest of India.  

  • He felt that tribal people of Assam were not capable of framing rules for self-government and local administration.  

  • When the Constitution-making process was winding up, he specifically singled out the Constitution’s Directive Principles of State Policy for praise and appreciation.