Image Credit: Bar & Bench
Mohammed Saadulla

Early Life:

Syed Mohammed Saadulla was a lawyer and leader of the Muslim League in Assam. He received a Knighthood from the British Government in 1928. In 1936, he formed a coalition with other non-Congress parties to become the first Chief Minister of Assam in British India; however, he had to resign in 1938 after he lost a no-confidence motion.


Contribution to Constitution Making:

Saadulla was elected to the Constituent Assembly from Assam. He was one of 28 Muslim League members who attended the proceedings of the Assembly and was the only member from the Muslim League to sit on the Drafting Committee. His interventions in the Assembly revolved around securing Assam’s financial stability, and minority rights.

1. Member, Drafting Committee; and

2. Member, Steering Committee.

  1. Saadulla spoke in favour of securing reservations for the Muslim Community.
  2. He elaborated on the topography and resources of Assam to make a case for dividing financial resources between the Centre and provinces.