Shibban Lal Saxena
1906 - 1984

Shiban Lal Saxena was born in 1906, at Agra. He was the Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy at St. Andrew's College, Gorakhpur. He had different political affiliations during his life. From 1919 to 1952, he was associated with Congress Party. He worked for the Kisan Mazdoor Praja and Socialist Party during 1954-64. He was associated with Uttar Pradesh Samajwadi Congress and Congress for Democracy.

He has participated in Satyagrahas and in Kisan Mazdoor, Harijan and Students movements which also led to him being imprisoned for 13 years across various occasions. He was a member of the first, second and fifth LokSabhas and the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly.  He was also a member of estimates Committee, Public Accounts Committee, Committee on Public Undertakings and represented Indian Labour at numerous international labour conferences in various foreign countries.