Image Credit: Bihar Chamber of Commerce & Industries
Syamnandan Sahaya

Early Life:

Syamnandan Sahaya was born on January 1st 1900 in Bihar. He completed his education at G.B.B college in Muzaffarnagar, where he obtained a B.A degree.


Sahaya served as the Chairman of local committees on agriculture, education and labour. From 1943-46, he was the president of the Bihar Chamber of Commerce and Industries. He also served as the General Secretary for the Bihar Land Owner’s Association.


Role in India’s Independence Movement:

Sahaya was involved in local politics, but was not an active participant in the freedom struggle.


Contribution to Constitution Making:

One of the few Independent members of the Assembly, Sahaya was elected from Bihar. He actively participated in the discussions on the importance of protection of private property of citizens, fundamental rights and financial adjustments between the provinces.


Later Contributions:

Sahaya was the first member of the Lok Sabha from the Muzaffarpur Central constituency in Bihar. A keen businessman, he served as the Chairman and Managing Director for a number of companies in the manufacturing sector.

He was not a part of any committees.

  1. Sahaya pointed out the contradictions between clauses (4) and (2) of Article 24.
  2. He reiterated the importance of private property and said that full compensation should be paid to the private property owners whose property is being acquired under Article 24.
  3. Citing the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, he defended the autonomy of the states and argued against placing restrictions on the Fundamental Rights.