Image Credits: One Himachal
Y.S. Parmar


Early Life:

YS Parmar was born on 4 August 1906 in Siramur, Himachal Pradesh. He studied at the Nahan High School, a prestigious institution in the area and was an undergraduate at Lahore’s Christian College for Men. He earned a doctorate from Lucknow University and later worked as a Magistrate. 


Role in Independence Movement:

Not much is known about Parmar’s role in the independence movement.  


Contribution to Constitution Making:

Parmar was elected to the Constituent Assembly from Himachal Pradesh through a Congress Party ticket. He did not actively engage in the Assembly debates. 


Later Life: 

Parmar was elected as the Chief Minister of the Himachal Pradesh government (1952-1956). He stepped down from the post as Chief Minister when the State was converted to a Union Territory only to be re-elected as the Chief Minister when Himachal Pradesh was reinstated as a State. 


He set up the Himalayan Forest Farming and Environmental Conservation Society and introduced a 3D forest policy to meet the needs of timber, fuel and wood in the State.


His work around education led to the opening of a number of educational institutes in Himachal Pradesh. 


Parmar is known as the ‘Legend of Himachal Pradesh’ and is fondly remembered for helping Himachal achieve complete statehood in 1971. 


Key Writings:

Parmar wrote about Himachal Pradesh, its traditions, the need for statehood and his achievements in the books that included Himachal Pradesh: Area and Language, Years of Challenge and Growth, Pradesh: Case for Statehood and Polyandry in the Himalayas

Parmar was not a member of any Assembly Committee.