After the first session of the Constituent Assembly, a number of committees were formed to look into and report on various aspects of the Constitution. These included: Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights and Minority Rights (which consisted of the Sub-Committee on Fundamental Rights and the Sub-Committee on Minority Rights), Union Powers Committee, Union Constitution Committee and the Provincial Constitution Committee. These Committees submitted their reports to the Constituent Assembly during the period of April - August 1947. In parallel, as and when the Committees submitted their reports, the Constituent Assembly debated the broad principles that were set out in the recommendations of these committees. These debates came to a close on the 30th of August 1947


Relevant documents of the Committee Stages - minutes of meetings, draft proposals, reports of the Committees - can be found in Volume 2 of Shiva Rao’s Framing of the Indian Constitution. Debates that surrounded the principles embodied in the recommendations of these committees can be found in Volumes 3, 4 and 5.