The Draft Constitution once submitted to the President of the Constituent Assembly was published and circulated among the public. Many comments, critiques, and suggestions were received, which were then scrutinized by a Special Committee of members of the Union Constitution Committee, Provincial Constitution Committee, Union Powers Committee and the Drafting Committee itself. The Drafting Committee, took these inputs inputs into account and sat on the 23, 24, 27 of March and 18 October 1948 for discussions. On the 26 October 1948, the Drafting Committee reprinted and resubmitted the version of the Draft Constitution that had been submitted on 21 February1948, along with a set of amendments (appended to clauses it intended to amend).


Comments/Suggestions to the Draft Constitution and the Minutes of Meetings of the Special Committee and the Drafting Committee can be found in Volume 4 of Shiva Rao’s Framing of India’s Constitution pp. 3 - 416