On a demand being made in that behalf the President may, if he is satisfied that a substantial proportion of the population of a State desire the use of any language spoken by them to be recognised by that State, direct that such language shall also be officially recognised throughout that State or any part thereof for such purpose as he may specify.

Debate Summary

Draft Article 301E (Article 347 of Constitution of India 1950) was absent in the Draft Constitution. A Drafting Committee Member introduced this provision as part of series of Articles on the official language of the Union and States on 12 September 1949. The Draft Article gave the President the power to direct a state to officially recognize a language spoken in a state. The President may invoke this power after being satisfied that there is a demand for such a measure by a substantial proportion of the state’s population.  


To avoid confusion and bitterness, one-member felt that the Draft Article must replace ‘substantial proportion’ with an exact proportion – he suggested 20%.  This amendment was rejected by the Assembly.  


There was no further discussion on the Draft Article and it was adopted without any amendments on 14 September 1949.