Between 22nd and 24th January 2019 in Mumbai, the Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) in collaboration with Praja Foundation will host a series of workshops on CADIndiaand SCObserver. The workshops will take place in the lead up to Republic Day 2019. While the CADIndia workshops will focus on Constitutional History, the SCObserver workshops will focus on landmark 2018 Supreme Court judgments.


One set of workshops will allow participants to analyze contemporary issues through the lens of the Constituent Assembly Debates (CAD). Participants will learn how to analyze India’s Constitution making process using the CADIndia website, an open-access online archive of the CADs.

The other set of workshops will allow participants to critically engage with key Supreme Court judgments from 2018. In particular, participants will analyze the Supreme Court’s Section 377and Sabarimala judgments. They will learn how to analyze cases by looking at submissions, oral arguments and judgments – materials all found on SCObserver, an open-access database of contemporary Supreme Court cases.

CLPR has previously hosted similar workshops across the nation. For more, click here.