Part V
Article 52

The President of India

There shall be a President of India.

Version 1

Article 41, Draft Constitution of India 1948

There shall be a President of India.

Version 2

Article 52, Constitution of India 1950

There shall be a President of India.


Draft Article 41, the opening provision of Part V – The Union, was discussed in the Constituent Assembly on 10 December 1948. It simply stated that India shall have a President.

There was a proposal to include a description of the President as ‘Chief Executive and Head of State’ in the Article. Members who supported this proposal argued that it would raise the President’s status and signal that people’s sovereignty was vested in him/her. However, other members said that the proposal was inappropriate as it suggested a presidential system of government although the Draft Constitution had adopted a parliamentary one.

Another member wanted to know why the term ‘Rashtrapati’, which was present in prior versions of the Draft Article, was dropped and if this was an outcome of a negative attitude towards Hindi. It was clarified that the term was dropped as a Hindi version of the Draft Constitution was going to be prepared and ‘Rashtrapati’ could be used there.

At the end of the debate, the Assembly adopted the Draft Article without amendment.