Committee Reports

Committee reports are key documents drafted by smaller groups of Constituent Assembly members appointed by the Constituent Assembly itself. These reports contained initial drafts of various provisions of the Constitution and regulated the membership and procedures of the Assembly. A significant portion of the Assembly's plenary debates revolved around specific Committee reports. Alongside the plenary debates, these reports are critical to understand India's constitution-making process.

Report of the Committee on the Rules of Procedure

20 December 1946

Report of the Sub-Committee on Fundamental Rights

16 April 1947

First Report of the Union Powers Committee

17 April 1947

Report of the States Committee

24 April 1947

Report of the Sub-Committee on Minorities

27 July 1947

Report of the Advisory Committee on the Subject of Minority Rights

8 August 1947

Joint Report Of The Excluded And Partially Excluded Areas (Other Than Assam) And The North-East Frontier (Assam) Tribal And Excluded Areas Sub-Committee

25 August 1947

Report of the Excluded and Partially Excluded Areas (Other than Assam) Sub-Committee

September 1947

Report of the Committee on Chief Commissioner's Provinces

21 October 1947

Draft Constitution of India 1948

21 February 1948