Image Credit: Lok Sabha
Kanayalal Nanabhai Desai

Early Life:

Kanayalal Nanabhai Desai was born on 19th January 1886. He did his schooling in Surat and Bombay.


In 1931, he joined the Congress party. He was an active member in regional politics, and was elected as President of the Surat District Congress Committee in 1931, and the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee in 1946.


Role in India’s Independence Movement:

Desai was not an active participant in the independence struggle, and was more involved in local politics. He was the General Secretary at the Haripura Congress Session in 1939, at which Subhash Chandra Bose reiterated the demand for independence.


Contribution to Constitution Making:

Desai was elected to the Constituent Assembly from Bombay on a Congress party ticket. He did not actively participate in the debates.


Later Contributions:

Desai was elected to the First Lok Sabha in 1952 from Surat.

He was not a member of any committees in the Constituent Assembly.

Desai did not give any speeches in the Constituent Assembly.