Parliament may by law impose such restrictions on the freedom of trade, commerce or intercourse between one State and another or within any part of the territory of India as may be required in the public interest.

Debate Summary


Draft Article 274B (Article 302, Constitution of India 1950) was not included in the Draft Constitution, 1948. This Draft Article was introduced and discussed on 8 September 1949


The Chairman of the Drafting Committee proposed to add a new Part- XA in the Constitution which included Draft Article 274B. According to Draft Article 274B the Parliament may by law impose restrictions on freedom of trade, commerce within any part of the country  and inter State trade and commerce in the interest of the public.


A Member moved three amendments to change certain words and phrases in the Draft Article without really changing its meaning. However, those amendments were rejected. 


The Draft Article was adopted to the Constitution without any changes on the same day.