Constituent Assembly Members

V.C. Kesava Rao

1917 - 1995

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Early Life:

V.C. Kesava Rao was born on 24 May 1917 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Role in India’s Independence Movement:

Not much information on Rao’s engagement in the Indian independence movement is known.

Contribution to Constitution Making:

Rao was elected to the Constituent Assembly from the Madras Province in 1946 on a Congress party ticket. In the Assembly, he took part in discussions relating to the compensation to be provided to citizens whose land is acquired by the Government and equality.

Later Contributions:

Rao had an active political role post independence. He was a member of the Provisional Parliament between 1950 and 1952. Rao then went on to become a member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly in 1967 and also served two tenures in the Rajya Sabha from 1962 – 1967 and 1974 – 1986.

He was appointed the President of the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee in 1971.

He passed away on 26 April 1995.

Key Speeches
  1. While discussing the compensation to be provided to landowners upon government acquisition, Rao suggested that the clause be amended to ensure that nominal compensation is paid for land acquisition by the government since such acquisition would be in the interest of the public and for public benefit.
  2. On equality, Rao proposed adding ‘schools’ and ‘temples’ to a clause that described the various public establishments in which discrimination based on religion, race, caste and sex should not be allowed. He noted that in schools, there was a possibility of segregation in seating and added that in temples, discrimination often took place by way of non-admission of untouchables.