Every person who is or is deemed to be a citizen of India under any of the foregoing provisions of this Part shall, subject to the provisions of any law that may be made by Parliament, continue to be such citizen.

Debate Summary

Article 10 clarifies that people declared as citizens under the preceding citizenship articles continue to be so subject to any law made by the Parliament.


This article was debated on 10th August 194911th August 1949 and 12th August 1949.


Through this article the constitution framers wanted to restate the ad-hoc nature of the citizenship articles (Part II). They wanted to reiterate that Part II was a temporary law on citizenship – future parliament was to enact an elaborate code.


While there were no substantive discussions around this Article, one member moved a motion to delete this article as he believed that it was unnecessary and redundant: Article 11 (Draft Article 6) would suffice.


The Assembly adopted this article without any amendments on 12 August 1949.