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Sub-Committee on Fundamental Rights

This sub-committee was set up to draft the fundamental rights provisions of the Constitution.


At its first meeting, the Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights, Minorities and Tribal and Excluded Areas appointed five sub-committees – including one on fundamental rights. The Committee consisted of twelve members and was headed by J.B. Kripalani.

Work Summary

The Sub-Committee on Fundamental Rights held three sittings. During the first sitting on 27 February 1947, J.B. Kripalani was elected as the chairman, and the general procedure and order of business were established. The second meeting was scheduled for March 24, primarily to allow members enough time to develop their own proposals and review those submitted by others.

During the second sitting, held from March 24 to 31, the committee extensively discussed the various drafts and notes submitted by its members. On April 3, the sub-committee arrived at conclusions regarding the different clauses on fundamental rights included in the draft report. The draft report, along with an explanatory note, was circulated among members for feedback and suggestions.

At the third sitting, which took place from April 14 to 16, the sub-committee reviewed the draft report and made revisions to certain clauses to incorporate the comments and suggestions. On April 16, the sub-committee submitted its final report to the Advisory Committee.

Key Documents
  1. A Note on Fundamental Rights by Alladi Krushnaswami Ayyar on 14 March 1947
  2. Munshi’s Note and Draft Articles on Fundamental Rights on 17 March 1947
  3. Harnam Singh’s Draft on Fundamental Rights on 18 March 1947
  4. Ambedkar’s Memorandum and Draft Articles on the Rights of States and Minorities on 24 March 1947
  5. Draft Report of the Sub-Committee on Fundamental Rights on 3 April 1947
  6. Report of the Sub-Committee on Fundamental Rights on 16 April 1947