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The Constituent Assembly’s Concerns over President’s Ordinance Powers

22 May 2023By

Last Friday, the President promulgated an ordinance overturning a significant Supreme Court judgment. Did our Constitution framers intend for the ordinance powers to be used in such a manner?

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The Influence of Dewey’s Ideas of Social Forces on B.R. Ambedkar

16 May 2023By

A recent book by Scott Stroud carefully explores the influence of philosopher John Dewey and his pragmatic philosophy on B.R. Ambedkar. Here, we focus on one strand of this influence: Dewey’s ideas of social forces and the role of the individual in effecting social change. 

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Our Early Legislators on the Grounds for Divorce

8 May 2023By

On 1 May, the Supreme Court made significant interventions in the divorce law governed by the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA), utilising its power under Article 142 to expand the range of grounds on which individuals can seek divorce. Read what our early lawmakers had to say about this subject here.

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B.N. Rau’s ‘Outlines of a New Constitution’

26 February 2023By

Sir Benegal Narsing Rau played a key role in the making of our Constitution, as Constitutional Adviser. In this blog, we draw attention to a document authored by him in 1946, which aimed at resolving the political deadlock over India's constitutional future, by presenting a solution acceptable to both the Congress and the Muslim League.

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Governor R.N. Ravi addressing the Tamil Nadu Legislature

The Tamil Nadu Governor and Constitutional Conventions

25 February 2023By

On 9 January 2023, the Governor of Tamil Nadu chose to skip certain portions of the speech prepared by the state government, while addressing the first session of the Legislative Assembly in the new year. This kicked off a huge political row, with the ruling party in Tamil Nadu alleging a serious breach of “convention”.

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Why did B.R. Ambedkar Accept the Poona Pact?

19 December 2022By

What were the reasons behind Ambedkar accepting the Poona Pact despite the lack of inclusion of separate electorates within its provisions?

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How did Ambedkar and Gandhi imagine Indian Federalism?

13 October 2022By and

B.R. Ambedkar's and M.K. Gandhi's contrasting views on the caste system, have garnered wide attention. Here, we compare their views on an important constitutional design feature: Federalism.

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The Making of India's Constitution

The Making of India’s Constitution: 5 Essential Primary Sources

3 October 2022By

Five Primary Sources that are critical to engaging with India's Constitution-making project.

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Monarchy and the Indian Republic

12 September 2022By

How did India decide to join the Commonwealth group of nations despite being a Republic?

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