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Balwant Singh Mehta

1900 -

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Early Life

Balwant Singh Mehta, was born on 8 February 1900 in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He graduated from Maharana High School in Udaipur and Fergusson College, Pune. 

Role in Indian Independence Movement

Mehta was a key Congress leader in Vindya Pradesh (present-day Rajasthan). He was a member of the Congress Planning Committee, Mewar and Vindya Pradesh Congress’s advisor to the All-India Congress Committee.

His public life comprised significant civil society work. Meha was a member of many caste-based organisations that included the All India Adimjati Sewak SanghAll India Marwari Sammelan, and the All India Oswal Mahasammelan.

Mehta was imprisoned twice (1939 and 1949) for his participation in the Indian freedom movement.

Contribution to Constitution Making

Mehta joined the Constituent Assembly in 1948 representing the United States of Rajasthan (a conglomeration of princely states). He did not speak in the Assembly barring one speech just before the Assembly adopted the Constitution.  

Later Contributions

Mehta was a member of India’s first Lok Sabha (1952) representing Udaipur. He served on the Parliamentary Delimitation Committee for constituencies of Rajasthan (1951) and the Delimitation Commission of India (1953).

Key Writings

Mehta was on the editorial board of Lok Kala, a cultural magazine. Some of his publications include ‘Life of Mirabai and her songs’, ‘Maharana Partap’, ‘Fort of Chitoorgarh’, ‘Mewar Digdarshan’ and ‘Rajpootanai’

Key Speeches

A few days before the Assembly wrapped up constitution making, Mehta praised the Constitution, particularly the provisions on universal adult franchise and federalism. However, the Gandhian in him felt that the Constitution did not embody ‘Gandhism’ in the fullest sense.