Constituent Assembly Members

Mohan Lal Saksena

1896 - 1965

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Committee Memberships


Early Life:

Mohan Lal Saksena was born on 25 October 1896 in Lucknow. He studied at the Church Mission High School, Lucknow and graduated from Canning College, Lucknow. He received his law degree from the University School of Law, Allahabad.

Saksena worked as an advocate and a mathematics lecturer at the Isabella Thoburn College. (1919-1920)

Role in India’s Independence Movement:

Saksena played an active role in the freedom struggle and was imprisoned several times for his participation in various Congress political movements since 1921.

He held several leadership positions in the Congress party. Saksena was a member of the Municipal Board of Lucknow (1923-1925), a member and the Chief Congress Whip of the U.P. Legislative Council (1924-1926). He served as the Secretary of the U.P. Congress Committee (1929-1935) and eventually as its President (1937-1939). Saksena was also a member of the Central Legislative Assembly (1935-1947).

Saksena’s career had a journalistic streak as well. He was the Managing Director of the National Herald (1939-1940), a newspaper founded by Jawaharlal Nehru.

Contribution to Constitution Making:

Saksena was elected to the Constituent Assembly from United Provinces on a Congress party ticket. He was not an active participant in the Assembly discussions.

Contributions post-independence:

Post-independence, Saksena served as the Secretary of the Congress Party in the Central Legislature (1946-1949) and Secretary of the All India Political Prisoner’s Relief Committee, Lucknow. He was appointed at the Minister of Rehabilitation for the Government of India (1948-1950) and was also the President of the All India Housing Association, New Delhi.