The Constituent Assembly at various points during the constitution making process, appointed a number of Committees on different aspects of the Constitution to conduct preliminary research and deliberations within smaller groups. The work of these Committees took the form of reports which were discussed in the Constituent Assembly. The Constitutional Adviser, B.N Rau compiled reports of various committees to prepare a Draft Constitution which he submitted to the Drafting Committee. Decision making in the committees was on the basis of a majority vote and members could record their dissents to decisions taken if they wished. 

The following were the crucial committees set up by the Constituent Assembly: Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights and Minority Rights, Union Powers Committee, Union Constitution Committee, Provincial Constitution Committee.


Reports, proceedings and all other documentation that emerged from the Committee and Subcommittee stages can be found in Shiva Rao’s ‘The Framing of India’s Constitution’ (6 Volumes).