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An image of Ladakh valley

Ladakh’s Sixth Schedule Demand

25 February 2023By

Ladakh has been witnessing huge protests demanding constitutional safeguards for the region under the Sixth Schedule. We examine if this demand is legitimate.

3 mins

Why India’s Vice President is Wrong About Parliamentary Sovereignty

7 January 2023By

On 7 December 2022, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar declared that ‘Parliament is the exclusive and ultimate determinative of the architecture of the Constitution’ and insisted that ‘the basic structure is primacy of the will of the people’. Are we at the beginning of another inter-institutional debate, 40 years after the Basic Structure Doctrine?

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Transfer of Power: The Delayed Announcement of the Boundaries of India and Pakistan

30 August 2022By and

On the evening of 13 August 1947, Sir Cyril Radcliffe submitted a report to the Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, that settled the territorial boundaries of India and Pakistan, referred to as the Commissions' ‘awards’. The British archives reveal why there was a delay in the publication of the awards.

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How a 1934 U.S. Case Shaped the Press Freedom Debate in the Assembly

28 June 2022By and

How was the debate on the Seventh Schedule of the Draft Constitution of India 1948 influenced by U.S. case law?

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Regional Translations of the Indian Constitution

27 March 2022By

The Constitution of India has been translated into all 22 scheduled languages by the Government of India. Access the translated versions of the Constitution here.

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Tightening the Noose on Interfaith Marriage

31 January 2022By

What is the impact of the fusing of anti-conversion bills with interfaith marriage legislation?

2 mins

Should Minors Have the Right to Convert?

4 January 2022By

The Indian Constituent Assembly engages with adulthood in the context of religious conversion.

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