Image Credits: Lok Sabha
Algu Rai Shastri

Early Life:

Shastri was born in present day Uttar Pradesh on 29 January 1900. He studied in the Mission School in Varanasi and Kashi Vidyapith University.

Shastri was a member of the All India Congress Committee since 1928 and has also served as a life member of the Servants of the People Society. Shastri was also a member of the Senate of the Agra University from 1946-1950. 


Role in India’s Independence Movement:

Shastri was significantly involved in the Indian independence movement. He served as the secretary of the Meerut District Congress Committee (1928-1930), secretary of the Delhi Provincial Congress Committee (1930-1933) and member of the Legislative Assembly of United Provinces (1937-1952).


Contribution to Constitution Making:

He was elected to the Constituent Assembly in 1946. He spoke on emergency powers of the President of India and governors, delimitation of constitution, and restrictions on fundamental rights. 


Later Contributions:

Post-independence he was elected to the first Lok Sabha in 1952. As a member of the Lok Sabha, he was on the Rules Committee of the Lok Sabha, Indian Council of Agricultural Research and its Executive and Finance Committees and Planning Advisory Committee. He also served as the president of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee in 1951.


Shastri passed away in 1967

Shastri was not a member of any of the Assembly Committees.

  1. He advocated for restrictions on fundamental rights.  
  2. Shastri discussed the importance of the right to vote to citizenship and therefore urged for discussion on delimitation of constituencies.
  3. He emphasised on the need to provide governors of various states emergency powers similar to the President of India.