The Constitution of India came into force on 26th January, 1950. At the time of its adoption, the Constitution contained 395 Articles and 8 Schedules and was about 145,000 words long, making it the longest national Constitution to ever be adopted. Every Article in the Constitution was debated by the members of the Constituent Assembly, who sat for 11 sessions and 167 days to frame the Constitution, over a period of 2 years and 11 months.

This section contains every Article in the amended Constitution of India (as of 2020), with its corresponding Article in the Draft Constitution of India, 1948. Each Article also contains a summary of the debates on that Article in the Constituent Assembly. The Articles are grouped into 22 different parts, which reflects how they are organized in the text of the Constitution of India, 1950

The Schedules to the Constitution, which are now 12 in number, elaborate on government policy or rules in relation to specific Articles of the Constitution. Each Schedule in this section is tagged with the corresponding Article(s) for ease of understanding.

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Part 1

The Union and its Terri...

Part 2


Part 3

Fundamental Rights

Part 4

Directive Principles of...

Part 4 A

Fundamental Duties

Part 5

The Union

Part 6

The States

Part 8

The Union Territories

Part 7

The States in Part B of...

Part 9

The Panchayats

Part 9 A

The Municipalities

Part 9 B

The Cooperative Societies

Part 11

Relations between the U...

Part 10

The Scheduled and Triba...

Part 12

Finance, Property, Cont...

Part 13

Trade , Commerce and In...

Part 14

Services Under the Unio...

Part 14 A


Part 15


Part 16

Special Provisions Rela...

Part 17

Official Language

Part 18

Emergency Provisions

Part 19


Part 20

Amendment of the Consti...

Part 21

Temporary, Transitional...

Part 22

Short Title, Commenceme...

First Schedule

Articles 1 and 4

Second Schedule

Articles 59(3), 65(3), ...

Third Schedule

Articles 75(4), 99, 124...

Fourth Schedule

Articles 4(1) and 80(2)

Fifth Schedule

Article 244(1)

Sixth Schedule

Articles 244(2) and 275(1)

Seventh Schedule

Article 246

Eight Schedule

Articles 344(1) and 351

Ninth Schedule

Article 31B

Tenth Schedule

Articles 102(2) and 191(2)

Eleventh Schedule

Article 243G

Twelfth Schedule

Article 243W